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About Us

PerryCo. Shoes , was created with the mentality of changing the perception of the sneaker industry. The world that we live in today is ever-changing; striving towards equality for all. The lines of division between women and men are making true efforts to fade. PerryCo., in tune with these efforts, prides itself on being a unisex brand. We are breaking gender barriers while delivering wearable versatility and style.

Breaking Barriers, Inspiring Style

 We do a lot with a little. Simplicity allows versatility. Weather you're in a suit or out with friends, we aspire to provide pieces you can wear on a daily basis.

About The Founder

Lifelong sneakerhead Brittney Perry grew up facing a market saturated by sneakers made for and by men. With few options marketed to women at the time, Brittney resorted to buying men’s sneakers, but felt the need for something more inclusive. In 2015, Brittney launched PerryCo shoes with the mission of creating a genderless sneaker that can appeal to all styles and identities.